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Juan Patron is one of our generation's leading business innovators. Assisting in making your ideas come to life, Juan’s desire is to take you and your business to new heights. Through innovative marketing strategies, he will propel your company into a variety of markets nationally and internationally.
At 12 years old, Juan and his family moved from Cali, Colombia in search of a better and brighter future. Driven out by a Civil War, the Patrons found homage in Miami, Florida where they began the journey to create a more successful future. While still in High School, Juan established himself by hosting events for people of all ages at The Cove in Doral, FL . At The Cove, Juan spent his time developing important connections and gaining invaluable experiences in the fields of marketing and promotions.

After High School, Juan attended Florida International University for Marketing where he began to formally learn the ins and outs of the business. This later led to his direct involvement with the Life in Color Music Festival where he spent the next seven years developing cutting-edge marketing systems which now serve as the backbone for the festival today. After watching Life in Color grow from tens to hundreds of cities, Juan felt it was time to move on to his own endeavors.
In 2014, Juan Patron founded the 2020 Agency, a one stop shop for South and Central American companies who aim to develop and grow their market in the United States. In just two years, the 2020 Agency has risen to the top of marketing firms in South Florida working with notable clients such as the Doral Food and Wine Festival and Colombian Senator Alvaro Uribe Velez.
Juan is no stranger to adversity. His desire to make a positive impact on every person he encounters is what drives his work ethic. Every campaign he undertakes is given the proper care and attention needed to create a flawless product. He understands that hard work and dedication are necessary to reach the apex of success. Expect a creative vision. Expect an influential change. Expect Juan Patron.

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